Great incentives up for grabs at the first-ever EasyEquities/Born2Run Hot Legs run on 4 March

The inaugural EasyEquities Born2Run Hot Legs run will be taking place on 4 March, starting at Higher Ground St Stithians. This is an event for all ages and fitness levels. Team CN&CO will be well represented on the day, given that we are ardent supporters of both EasyEquities and the Born2Run running club. 

This blog, by Shaun Keeling of EasyEquities holding company, Purple Group, contains all the details… 

By Shaun Keeling
Proud EasyEquities user and EasyEquities Born2Run club member

At EasyEquities we believe that investing is for everyone. Our CEO Charles Savage started EasyEquities because he wanted to democratise investing and make it available to everyone, breaking the stigma of investing being limited to old rich guys in suits.

Through this belief, our sponsorship of EasyEquities Born2Run came about as we believe investing is for everyone, and so is running. Investing is important for your future but it is also very important to invest in your health and wellbeing. This can be done easily by running.

A few EasyEquities Born2Run elite athletes in their kit, celebrating the end of a run. You might recognise Shaun with his girlfriend Kate on the left, as well as our very own Nolts – beer in hand – and Spader Bader.

Our running club EasyEquities Born2Run is holding its first race on 4 March. We are very excited about it. The run is sponsored by Hot 91.9fm and is supported by the Sage Foundation. For every entry Hot91.9fm will make a donation towards an ICT-related charity. It doesn’t matter if you are fit or unfit, there is an event for everyone, so bring along the whole family and came celebrate our first race with us!

The run will take place at Higher Ground, St Stithians, where it is safe for kids and the whole family. There is also plenty of parking available on the school grounds.

There will be three distances on the day catering for everyone, starting with a 5 km fun run/walk. This run can be done by ages nine and up and the whole run is inside St Stithians grounds. There will also be a 15 km intermediate run for those want to test their wits and fitness levels and a 32 km tougher one for more experienced veteran runners.

If you are not an EasyEquities user yet and register on the platform using the Born2Run drop down, we’ll give you a R50 voucher. Also, for all you users who are already on EasyEquities, we’ll give you a R50 voucher just for being legendary and joining us. This will be loaded automatically into your account after the race. (We’ll match entrants’ ID numbers to our database to ensure we include everyone.)

Discovery Vitality members participating in the race will earn up to 300 points for the 5 km, 600 points for the 15 km and 1 500 points for the 32 km. How cool is that? Points will be automatically rewarded and will take up to four days to reflect on your Vitality points monitor.

There will be a few epic prizes for the 15 and 32 km races on the day, as well as some vouchers awarded to the winners. The vouchers will be in the form of an investment bundle put together by our sister brand, Emperor Asset Management.

Over and above the prizes and vouchers, we will be giving away a R5 000 EasyEquities voucher for the best dressed / most “gees” person who dresses in purple.

Where: Higher Ground, St Stithians

Date: 4 March 2018

To enter or find out more about the prizes, cost and all other information you could possibly need, click on the image below:

So, come join us and invest in your health as well as your finances.