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In celebration of an extremely successful 27 years in business, our friends at CIB recently launched a new campaign that answers the question: Why CIB?

CN&CO enjoys a happy and successful relationship with CIB, helping out with content provision for media and social media. Being in partnership with such a smart, passionate bunch of people is an absolute joy.

In just over a quarter of a century (and, coincidentally, since the start of our democracy) CIB has grown to be one of the largest UMAs in South Africa, topping over R1.4bn in annualised premium income with a world-class product range across personal, commercial and niche classes that suit the needs of the client – where cover fits purpose.

The insurance industry is constantly evolving, with innovations in product and distribution channels, amendments in legislation and technological developments taking place almost daily. As a result, the needs of brokers and policyholders are constantly changing.

The CIB team recently asked the question: “Why do brokers and policyholders choose to place their business with us?”

Executive head of sales and marketing, Jon-Jon Smit, says, “For a company like CIB, which focuses heavily on these needs, we have to ensure we remain relevant and continue providing the products and levels of service for which we have become well known and respected across the insurance value chain.

“We spoke to a broad spectrum of our stakeholders – brokers, policyholders, shareholders, suppliers, and staff to identify what it is that makes CIB different.”

Here is an overview of the reasons:

  • CIB has a diverse product range with regular product updates keeps it relevant and ahead of the competition
  • CIB’s suppliers adhere to its standards of excellence and share in its vision
  • Exceptional turnaround times with efficient claims processes
  • Comprehensive underwriting processes upfront to ensure peace of mind and no underwriting at claims stage
  • Ensuring wide-ranging expertise and technical skills throughout the business, resulting in the best possible service to brokers and clients alike

#WHY would a broker join the CIB network?

  • Wide product range and competitive pricing
  • Tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs
  • A country-wide footprint with personal attention through dedicated portfolio managers
  • Focus on risk management
  • Access to a state-of-the-art IT platform for policy and client administration
  • Access to decision makers and speed of decisions
  • One of the lowest rejection ratios in the industry
  • CIB’s top three core values are quality, service excellence and personalisation. The team operates with an entrepreneurial mindset and partners with like-minded brokers to provide an efficient, streamlined customer experience.
  • CIB has experienced growth of 200% in the past 10 years, with premium increases below inflation every year for the past five years
  • Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, its license carrier, is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor

Jon-Jon adds, “Having been with CIB for 20 plus years, I am proud to be part of such a skillful, passionate and dedicated team. The quality and personalisation we have instilled in the business throughout everything we do, is what sets us apart. We build long-term strategies and partnerships with like-minded brokers, whilst having their best interests at heart. This is what makes our broker partners special.

“CIB strives to make our brokers look great in front of their clients and make it very hard NOT to do business with us!”

This is captured in the company’s tagline: “Understanding the broker’s world, CIB offers insurance done properly, in a personalised way.”

Have a look at the infographic below to see exactly #whyCIB…

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