I wish someone had told me how Zoom would change our lives…

“I wish someone had told me” is a series of posts that feed into our inquisitive nature at CN&CO. Each week we hear from someone in our network about something interesting or surprising that’s recently happened or occurred to them – or lessons they learnt. These blogs are a way to pay it forward and form part of CN&CO’s belief that the world can be a better place – and we all have a responsibility to make it so. This week’s post is by Llewellyn du Plessis.

The CN&CO Events team has done thousands of webinars and virtual conferences over the past few years and, believe me, we’ve seen it all!

In the “old” days, physical conferences and live events were our only options. The hustle and bustle, the handshakes and hugs, the endless cups of lukewarm coffee… Ah, those were the days. But then, Zoom came along and a whole new way of doing things was born.

Fast forward to today, and we can’t imagine our lives without those little boxes of faces staring back at us from the screen.

Zoom meeting in progress

Here are just a few ways Zoom webinars have revolutionised our world:

1. No pants, no problem: Gone are the days of fancy pantsuits and uncomfortable shoes. Thanks to Zoom, we’re all about casual chic – business on top, party on the bottom.

2. Global reach: Say goodbye to geographical limitations! With Zoom, we can now connect with people from all corners of the globe without a single plane ticket in sight.

3. Interactive awesomeness: Polls, Q&A sessions, chat boxes… Zoom webinars have turned passive viewers into active participants, making for engaging and dynamic virtual experiences.

4. Save the planet: Who needs carbon emissions when you can host a webinar from the comfort of your own home? Zoom is the unsung hero of sustainability, one webinar at a time.

5. The great equaliser: In the world of Zoom webinars, titles and job descriptions fade into the background. Everyone gets a square, everyone gets a voice – it’s a beautiful digital democracy.

6. Record and replay: With Zoom’s recording feature, you can relive your meeting anytime, anywhere.

7. Snack game strong: Snacking during a webinar is an art form. Thanks to Zoom, we’ve perfected the art of muted munching without missing a beat.

So, there you have it! Zoom webinars may have started as a necessity, but they’ve quickly become a way of life. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and we’re excited to ride the wave with all of you, one webinar at a time.

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For all your webinar needs, hybrid or live events, remember to contact the CN&CO Events team at llewellyn@cnandco.com.

Llew has been working with CN&CO since 2015. At first he engaged with us via his events company, Urban Motion. In 2018 he joined the greater CN&CO team and has run many successful events, including the African Insurance Exchange, InsureTalk, FIA Awards and Summit, African Insurance Organisation conference and the OR Tambo Memorial Lecture.