Join us for an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

So… what do you do with your spare ginger? Perhaps it could be providing more benefits than you imagine! 

CN&CO and Chinaherb invite you to discover the benefits and applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Find out more about its everyday uses, how it compares to Western medicine and the benefits it can bring to you!
This free webinar will be presented by Dr Chunlan Li, a very good friend of CN&CO’s founder, Carel Nolte. Chunlan is a graduate of Gansu University of Chinese Medicine in China. In 1997, she founded Cape Town-based Chinaherb together with Professor Zhang Yi. Zhang Yi is a leader in the field of acupuncture. Both Zhang Yi and Chunlan are world-renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners.
Chinaherb supplies all-natural Chinese herbal medicine for a variety of applications based on thousands of years of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.  
Chunlan will discuss the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine and talk about medicinal uses for some common household products such as ginseng, ginger, liquorice and spring onion.
Join us on 2 July at 4pm to learn more about this fascinating topic. Guests will qualify for a 25% once-off discount on Chinaherb products.

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