CN&CO ready to paint South Africa red

Forget everything you know about the tired, conventional practices of “human resources”, “marketing” and “stakeholder engagement”. All those complicated graphs and charts and theories and models and matrixes… throw them out the window and start listening to what’s left behind: you and the people around you – because what they’re telling you is probably the best thing to do.

CN&CO is a group of people who believe, above all other things, in the importance and the power of those around us. Our passion and skills lie in anything to do with people and brands, with a special affinity for financial services and business-to-business operations.


The CN&CO team is a passionate, creative, talented, rather good looking bunch of individuals with mad skills in:

  • People
  • Marketing stuff – all of it
  • PR and media relations(hips)
  • Social media
  • Human resources strategy and implementation (and the hardcore payroll, performance improvement and related elements)
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Communications – across the board (and borders)
  • Events – if they have a purpose
  • Making awesome stuff happen

While the bulk of our experience is in financial services, specifically insurance and investments, we’ve also done some great work – and enjoy contributing to – other industries. Our client list currently includes:

  • Halls Investments
  • The Fulcrum Group
  • The Purple Group focusing on EasyEquities, Emperor Asset Management &
  • Lightstone
  • King Price Insurance
  • Barloworld Transport
  • Ambani Reputation Management
  • Pablo Clark Racing
  • Various insurance brokerages
  • Campos Transport
  • MUA
  • Various insurance industry bodies
  • Higher Ground at St Stithians


Kick-off happens on 3 August, 2015, and we’re raring to go!

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