How South Africa Works – and must do better

Greg Mills – head of the Brenthurst Foundation, security strategist, economic futurist and prolific author – joined us in our new CN&CO offices on 3 August 2015 to share some insights into his new book “How South Africa Works – and must do better”.

The book highlights the need to create employment across sectors in South Africa, featuring interviews with business managers, government leaders, unionists, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers and farmers, among others.

“We got a terrible inheritance in 1994,” he said, “the double-whammy of a new democratic dispensation, coupled with the sudden exposure to the global economy came as a big shock to us. All things considered, though, we’ve done a lot in the past 21 years.  But is it enough? In a word, no. We can do better.”

Greg likened our country’s current socio-economic situation to a slow puncture. It’s not a good place to be and it’s not getting better, but we’re not beyond saving.

“South Africa is far from being a failed state, though,” he said. “I have worked in many failed states, and this is not one. But we need to get our act together before the wheels start falling off completely.”

If you want to know how we could be doing better, read all about it in the book. We have few copies in our offices which you’re welcome to come and read. There’s even a sound track! Greg recently teamed up with Robin Auld to write a song about how things work. Check it out on Youtube: