CN&CO&HighFashion: Pols magazine photoshoot

Rikus and Elsje at the Pols magazine fashion shoot in MozambiqueRikus and Elsje at the Pols magazine fashion shoot in Mozambique

CN&CO’s resident model/actor/singer Rikus Kok has just got back from a glamorous photoshoot in Mozambique for Pols magazine. Rikus and Elsje Slabbert (who you may know as Carien from Kyknet’s Villa Rosa) took part in the shoot at Linga Linga Paradise Lodge, about 16 hours’ drive from Joburg.

“When Pols editor Janine Snyders asked if I would like to be part of the shoot I jumped at the chance,” says Rikus. “It was really a super team – Elsje, of course, who is drop-dead gorgeous, along with photographer Donavin Lovell, make-up artist Loraine Meyer from MUD and our two amazing drivers/chefs Lenie and Frans. And the setting was just incredible.”

Rikus and Elsje will appear on the cover of the October 2015 issue of Pols, and also inside the magazine modelling some funky new fashion trends. Clothing was sponsored by Blu (Brands Love U) – a store that’s doing some fabulous stuff on the SA fashion scene.

“We’re proud to be part of such a great experience and look forward to working with the team from Pols magazine again,” says Rikus. “The clothes were awesome, the venue was like heaven and the people were fabulous. Wish we could have stayed a few extra days!”

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(Pics lifted from the Pols magazine Facebook page.)