GT Private Broking & King Price: transcending language barriers

What does a Durban chick know about hosting a bunch of Afrikaans investors from the other side of the boerewors gordyn? This was the question I asked myself as I headed off to Pretoria for a GT Private Broking event that was held on the roof of the King Price Insurance head office in Menlyn.

Turns out it didn’t matter what I knew or didn’t know. What I learnt, though, was very important: It doesn’t matter if you’re looking out over a sea of jacarandas in Pretoria, or ships coming into Durban Harbour, if you get a group of amazing people together it’ll work, no matter what language they speak.

Yes, there was more than one language spoken when the Royals at King Price hosted GTPB and their clients – but the common themes transcended any differences. What both these brands have in common is a strong belief in people and relationships. They also embody a fairly rare but attractive energy that just seems to draw you in.

When you walk into the King Price offices in Menlyn, you feel as if you have entered Wonderland. The people are happy and working hard to delivering exceptional service to their clients. It’s very similar when you walk into the Hyde Park head offices of the Purple Group, GTPB’s holding company. And so when GTPB went searching for a venue to host their Pretoria-based clients, King Price was only too happy to oblige. (Also, they’re both CN&CO clients, which provided a common ground to start from.)

The event gave guests and hosts the chance to have a drink together in a chilled environment, get to know each other better, play a bit of ping pong, and admire the Highveld sunset.

“Our Pretoria clients are a very important part of our business,” says Brad Leather, MD of GTPB. “We speak to many of them almost every day. It’s good to have face-to-face interaction every now and then.”

Thankfully Piru Harington was there, as well. Piru not only looks after GTPB’s Pretoria clients, he’s also able to help translate for Brad.

“That’s what I love about the GTPB team,” he laughs. “We all have our own unique talents to bring to the table.”

The GTPB team provides a high-touch, assisted stockbroking service to high net worth individuals with at least R250 000 to invest. To find out more, contact Brad or Piru on +27 (0)87 940 6007.

Josie has a brilliant marketing brain, an infectious laugh and a heart of gold. Strong problem-solving skills, diplomacy and getting things done are among her many talents. She is also a brilliant mum to three gorgeous children.