“The Good Stuff”

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Brent Lindeque on his show The Good Stuff over at CliffCentral, about the upcoming MAD2Run event which was featured by CN&CO last week. I was joined by another member of the MAD Crew, Andrew Chouler, and had a good chat with Brent and his team spreading the word about the run to Cape Town happening in March. Take a listen to the podcast, from 25 minutes in to hear the interview.


Thanks to Brent and his team!

As a quick example of how relationships work, about 10 minutes after our interview ended with Brent, several donations came through the GivenGain site as well as the possible sponsorship of a fully equipped ambulance for the journery down. Without The Good Stuff  team that would not have happened so thank you very much for having us and helping spread the word!