Simplifyd launches in South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, Simplifyd. Software that is user friendly and integrates all the essential tools you need to run your small business.

As one of our clients, we’re delighted to be working with talented Simplifyd team with their launch into the South African market, which aims to help Small Businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to manage their business.

Here’s the official press release for Simplifyd’s launch…

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Being an entrepreneur is by no means an easy feat. Running a business means you’ll be wearing many hats a lot of the time and balancing many plates. Ensuring that deadlines are met, clients are invoiced on time, and your sales pipeline and contact list are updated and managed, adds a whole new dimension of pressure onto any entrepreneur’s shoulders.

This is where Simplifyd, deemed “Beautifully Simple Software to manage your small business” fits in. Simplifyd, which has been built for freelancers, small teams and everyone in between, has officially launched in SA. Small teams and entrepreneurs will now be able to invoice faster, get paid quicker, and build better relationships with their clients.

The platform was created by Sean Miller and James Willard, both business owners who faced many of the same challenges entrepreneurs the world over face – and Simplifyd was their solution to these challenges. “When we set up our creative agency, within months we were signed up to eight different business admin and management services, all costing between R1000 and R2000 per month. Although each was great within their own right and covered a key business admin element, it took a lot of time and management to update everything. We were also only really using 20% of each product. It was then that we decided to design our own product for in-house use. This quickly turned into its own business (Simplifyd) where we were our own clients,” says Miller.

The admin part of running a business always demands the most attention, and often at the worst of times. In between having to remember to invoice client X, and follow up with potential client Y, life happens. “We understand how tough it is to start, setup and run your own business. And we want to help business owners sleep at night, by taking the stress out of admin,” Miller adds.

With more and more people working remotely from business hubs or coffee shops, having your invoicing, contact list (CRM), sales pipelines, money management, time tracking and task management all in one place, online, as with Simplifyd, means you have access to it when and where you need it. Also, it means you only have one password to remember. In addition, Simplifyd comes equipped with a handy feature that allows users to invoice clients in multiple international currencies, no matter where they may be doing business in the world.

Miller and his team are all about removing unnecessary complexity- particularly for fellow business owners, which is a big factor upon which Simplifyd was created.

Simplifyd has seen great success in the UK market where it first launched, and is being applauded for delivering several key benefits, including: helping small businesses optimise their efficiency; providing ways to revolutionise client communication; streamlining schedules; and much more. In addition to this, it went on to receive a nomination for App of the year 2015 by

While the Simplifyd team are based in the UK, they will be very active within SA and will tailor their approach to suit this market, working closely with SA-based company, CN&CO.

Miller is thrilled to launch in the SA market.

“Ever since leaving Zimbabwe for the bright lights of Cape Town in my early 20’s, SA has always been somewhere that I’ve wanted to do business. I think entrepreneurism is very well received and encouraged in South Africa, and with this in mind, I think Simplifyd is a good fit. Simplifyd can be used by any business no matter what stage – old, young, new. The fundamentals of business are the same, and it’s about time there was a product that kept these all under control so you can get back to this things that really matter.”

Streamlining and simplifying business processes puts you in control of your business, especially when life and work pick up pace. More so than that, it takes the stress out of the “have to do” business tasks, and frees you up to do what you’re really good at; your core business function; your passion.

To test drive the Simplifyd platform, click here. Connect with Simplifyd online: