A letter from Ben post Maranello

Last week CN&CO’s Gianluca and Kurt were out in Maranello with Purple Group, RISKAFRICA and Pablo Clark Racing, and judging by their blog post, looked to have had an epic time.

Exactly a week before that, though, a legend by the name of Ben Matjiu (good friend of ours and producer at 5FM) had his own Ferrari experience in Maranello (thanks to Pablo Clark Racing and team CN&CO), during his recent trip to Italy. Below is a little note we received from Ben post his experience in Maranello.


Ciao Paolo, Paul, Carel, Gabbi!

Some go to Italy to get a taste of the country, so they eat pizza and pasta.
Some visit Italy to see the historical monuments, so they visit the Vatican and Colosseum.
Some visit Italy to feel the passion, to feel what pictures and videos can’t truly express, so they drive Ferrari’s in Maranello.

Fortunately, I was able to check all three of the above boxes. Two of which I could ‘easily’ do next year or at any other time… But, what felt like a 30 second moment (in a Ferrari 458 Italia) was beyond imagination and belief. 

To say thank you cannot begin to express my gratitude for the Pitlane/Pablo Clark experience.

You guys are incredible!

What ever the biggest thank you is, consider this it.



Ben Matjiu

PS, see below pic to make you feel a little jealous… Or proof that I was really there.

458 ITALIA Ben

Ben during his Ferrari experience at Pitlane in Maranello