Carel shares his thoughts on wine and travel

Wine and travel make an excellent combination. So says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte in an article titled “How to be less of a wine pleb while travelling” published on IOL’s Travel Tips blog this morning.

“While I know pretty much what kind of wine I like (dry and white or very dry and sparkling) there is so much variety within those categories that I am spoilt for choice,” he says in the article. “When I travel, I milk this choice to ensure my education is accelerated – and I do so by challenging my liver, not my wallet.”

At CN&CO we believe firmly in the power of wine to bring people together, start conversations and cement memories. Whoever described alcohol as the lubricant of social intercourse definitely had wine in mind. Our regular ConFab sessions are usually very well lubricated (in a responsible way of course) and have led to some amazing relationships being formed and successful projects getting off the ground.

We’re also really good friends with a number of wine aficionados, including Michael Fridjhon, aka Wine Wizard, and Derek Kilpin of Great Domaines. Yes, wine is definitely a firm part of our culture. Here are a few of the things we’ve had to say about it:

Derek Kilpin will be the guest speaker at our next ConFab session, which takes place in August. Previous speakers include Greg Mills, Gianni MarianoColleen Magner, Conn Bertish, Rowan Smith and Tony Phillips.