Capturing South Africa’s athletic history

Athletics Clipboard is an initiative that was created by Clement du Plessis, a journalist and former athlete. The website was created so that South Africans and the rest of the world can celebrate the achievements of South African athletes that were prevented from participating on the international stage during apartheid.

Right now, Athletics Clipboard is aiming to publish a coffee table book that records the achievements of these athletes that never got recognition. The content will also include information on the origins of athletics in (mainly) the coloured community in the Western Cape. In order to achieve this dream they need funding so that you can enjoy and benefit from the publishing of the book. They have launched a crowd funding initiative with information provided on their Facebook page to help bring this important chapter our country’s sporting history to life.

As Athletics Clipboards believes in providing knowledge about the past, so does Nutreats believe in providing knowledge about the current sporting scene. Knowledge is power and there is a wealth of information out there that can transform your life. Founded by sisters Feige and Zissy Lewin, Nutreats focuses on a healthy mind, body and life which they advocate for on their website by providing information on diet and exercise that helps one lead a healthy lifestyle. You can follow them on twitter, instagram or join their mailing list.

B2R ladies prize

Winners of the Comrades Ladies Team Awards

Part of the credentials of the Lewin sisters are being avid runners, having completed six Comrades between them. They did this with the help of the Born2Run Athletics Group. A running club based out of St Stithians College, Born 2 Run aims to assist runners of every level and of every age no matter their preferred racing distance or running surface. This year the club won the Comrades ladies team prize with four members of the club finishing in the top 15 and over 100 of their members completing the race, across all age and skill groups.

If you want to join the club get in contact with Ann or David Ashowrth and make sure you look out for their challenging trail runs on that happen every quarter. If a casual time trial is what you are looking for then drop past Higher Ground at 5:30 for the 5km group run every Wednesday.