Bridging the gap between art and business

Business and art are often seen as two separate entities but CN&CO and Business and Art South Africa (BASA) think differently. We are working actively with BASA to develop entrepreneurs and business people who will contribute to the art community and we enjoy a close association with BASA, with Carel Nolte being a member of the board and CN&CO offering sponsorships to talented artists.

We have made it a priority to invest in young and talented artists to do what they love most. We want to celebrate the partnership between the art and business community and we believe the two merged together present room for growth in our economy. For that reason we sponsored the props and set for a play that debuted at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown which you can read about here.

BASA has released the BASA ARTSTRACK No. 7 that shows research on how the art community has increased in popularity, especially in the music category. This shows that businesses can use music as a medium to engage with consumers as an alternative to using sports. While the report highlighted how much music has increased in popularity, it also scrutinised other art forms that could be used by businesses to get their message out to the masses. Examples range from traditional dancing to opera  to beauty contests.

In South Africa, the prominent “art event” attended was movies, followed closely by crafts and traditional dancing. Businesses should take note of such a report as it provides fun, alternative ways to interact and engage with their customers. The full report is available for downloads to members only, all the more reason to join BASA!