CN&CO’s Fin-blog for the week ending 22 July 2016

Now that it’s all said and done, here’s our Friday wrap up fin-blog pick’s of the week…

Gabbi’s pick:
Mastercard unveils next-level Masterpass features and a company-wide rebranding, all in one swoop
MasterCard recently held an event to unveil two significant developments for its future: An enhanced version of the innovative Masterpass global digital payment service that’s designed to positively change the way consumers conduct everyday transactions, and a first look at a new logo that symbolizes Mastercard’s rebranding and evolvement as a more digitally driven company.

Kurt’s pick:
SpaceX timelapse images returning back to earth!
#EnoughSaid #SoAwesome #ProudlySouthAfrican

Rob’s Pick:
Banking on change: How the post office plans to reinvent itself
New CEO of the post office Mark Barnes plans to transform the institution in order to provide a case study for how government, business and labour can work together for a common cause.

Colin’s pick:
Is your financial adviser charging you for making donuts?
“Making donuts”, in this instance, refers to the practice of spinning the back wheel of your motorbike around in circles while revving the engine and keeping your hand on the brake. It creates a lot of smoke and excitement, but doesn’t actually get you anywhere.

Gianluca’s pick:
Hollard updates its travel insurance policy
We love travel and Hollard’s new update ensures you are covered during your experiences.

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