CN&CO’s Fin-blog for the week ending 19 August 2016

Team CN&CO love financial services (among other things) and we enjoy reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here are our favourite fin-blog picks of the week:

Colin’s pick:
The rich want their wealth managers to join digital age
A recent PwC report indicates that few wealth management firms have automated and digitised their back office and administrative functions. Only a handful of wealth managers use social media to interact with clients.

Rob’s pick:
The True Value of an Olympic Medal
The gold medal is priceless to those who receive the precious prize. The fact still remains that the medals are manufactured. So what is the actual value of an Olympic gold medal?

Kurt’s pick:
Groundbreaking app to diagnose Malaria
With around 3 billion people who are affected by Malaria in Sub Saharan Africa, its a major problem right? Well, local company Digicape have teamed up with xRapid, a London-based startup that has created a world first mobile health solution that provides automatic diagnosis of malaria via an iPhone app. Say Whaaaaat?! Check out the info and video, it’s awesome. Another game changer and disruptor using technology.

Josie’s Pick:
Praesidio talk Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
All you need to know about Kidnap and Ransom insurance.

Neo’s pick:
Rio Olympics 2016: Aim for Gold with Big Data Analytics
Sports tech advancement since London Olympics 2012 – Athletes using Big Data to make informed decisions.

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