Naturcast Charity Event


Photographed by Naturcast in the Kruger National Park

For those who already follow Naturcast on Facebook or Instagram, good on you. You will have seen the excellent work that the team does in promoting conservation awareness, particularly in South Africa and the surrounding regions in Southern Africa. If you haven’t heard of Naturcast, they are an up-and-coming digital and media network that focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on environmental issues. The plight of rhino poaching and debate surrounding legalising the trade, the conflict between baboons and humans as both species compete for land, the ongoing water drought; all of these topics are focus areas for Naturcast. CN&CO has partnered with the company and support their endeavours to make a difference in the environmental realm.

Through the work that they do, Naturcast frequently come across charitable and underfunded causes, championed by exceptionally passionate people. To help assist these causes, Naturcast is hosting a Charity Evening at Katy’s Palace on October 15. Alex Dunmer, co-founder of Naturcast highlights the aim of the event:

“The NaturCast Fundraising Charity Event is the first of its kind, with all proceeds from the event going towards initiatives we as NaturCast feel very strongly about. This includes getting members of the rural community trained into wildlife conservation and donations to Prime CREW, a primate rehabilitation organisation who are devoted to ensuring the best quality of life for abandoned exotics and displaced indigenous wildlife. We particularly see community involvement as the best and most stable means of growth in the conservation industry in this country.”

For further information regarding the event please see the details on Naturcast’s Facebook event page.