Entelect wins the RiskAfrica Regatta 2016!

The annual RiskAfrica Regatta is a networking event unlike any other. Described as “the biggest corporate sailing event this side of the Atlantic”, it draws people from all over South Africa to the city of Cape Town for a weekend-long event.

Towards the end of October, over 200 people from the broader financial and insurance industries descended on the Royal Cape Yacht Club to commence the sailing activities. Two of our clients, Entelect and Lightstone participated in the Regatta with professional sailing crews and yachts.

On Friday evening the flag handover ceremony was conducted at the Yacht Club before the various teams headed out to inspect their sailing vessels. The Twilight Cruise around the harbour served as preliminary experience for the guests to acquaint themselves with the physical requirements that would be expected of them during the main race on the Saturday. The Entelect Explorers, aboard the racing-elite yacht Vulcan, comfortably cruised ahead of all the other yachts and finished first that evening. While the weather was not resplendent of a Cape Town summer’s day, it did hold out long enough for all yachts to return safely and enjoy the Captain’s cocktail party.

Saturday was the main event with all teams having got to grips with the rigours of sailing the previous day. Again, the weather gods managed to produce the conditions necessary to a) showoff the Mother City and b) still allow for some competitive racing to take place and keep the VIPs entertained while they watched the race on their booze-cruise yachts.

Once more Entelect and Vulcan cruised to victory, claiming the top podium finish ahead of Hollard and Altech Netstar. It is safe to say that when Entelect gets down to business, nothing stands in their way when it comes to ensuring victory. The Regatta culminated with the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening, including the trophy handover to the victors for the weekend, namely the Entelect Explorers. Well done!

All in all it was a great weekend for those who attended and a big thank you to Lauren Artus and her team from RiskAfrica for organising the event. Without their tireless preparation none of the weekend’s activities would have been possible and it is greatly appreciated. The challenge for next year has clearly been been laid down by Entelect…will anyone be able to rise to the occasion?