Don’t fuc up: lessons from an intern

The first day I arrived at CN&CO I was introduced to the following mottos: “Take what you do seriously, not yourself”; “Don’t fuc up” and “Drink champagne… or whatever else you like to drink be it green tea, guava juice or sparkling water.”

The motto of “Don’t fuc up” is the one that really got to me because it seems to me like all I’ve managed to do is fuc up (at least once or twice… or just too many times). But the true lesson I’ve gained from this is that you never truly learn until you mess up. It gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes and take courage about making changes.

Starting off as an intern has been a road to self discovery – a bit of growing and gaining some independence. I have also learnt an awful lot about the business we do at CN&CO, what it entails, how important it is and the impact it has on individuals and businesses. I found it quite intriguing, because it’s all pretty and nice on paper, but what makes it incredible is the people “behind the scenes” making it happen. The drive and passion the CN&CO team has for what it does reflects in each team member’s work.


No matter how much you think you know, you can always learn mo

So far what I have enjoyed the most:

Social media is the way to go

Social media is a game changer! it has become vital in the business world, as means of communication, relationship building, exposure and problem solving. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, to name but a few, have all become part of the marketing and PR toolkits. This helps to create a dialogue and to connect with the market. The benefits gained are enormous, but the trick is to know which one is most relevant for your business.

PR puts your business on the map

The perception that your market or potential customers have of your business can either build or break your company, which is why we have PR. It exists to build a company’s image and reputation. This involves giving out the right message and using the right tools to raise the company’s profile. My utmost respect has to go out to our PR aficionado, Gabbi. I don’t know how she manages to do all this and still keep a smile on her face.

Writing blogs

Writing has never been my strength. Sometimes it feels as if I skipped some English classes in high school when it comes to sentence structure, vocabulary and style. This is why it is great to have Colin, the word nerd, around. He is always willing to help point out typos. There’s always a sense of achievement after a publishing a blog and sharing it on social media.

Building relationships

The most fun has got be working for different clients, which means being exposed to what people in other sectors do. After attending my first ConFab session for the year, I also got to understand why CN&CO team values relationship building. It gives you an opportunity to grow, network, and learn from the people around you.

I have gathered that education is the most essential part of life, but it’s a pity no one ever warned me how different it is in the world of work.

I envy people who have their lives and dreams all figured out, because in my 20s the road ahead just seems blurry. But for now I can proudly say my job hunting days are over and I look forward to the future and what it has in store for me.