The FA News insurance calendar is a convenient, easy tool

The insurance industry is busy! There’s always something going on in the life, short-term and healthcare spaces. The trick for members of the industry is to know what’s happening when so that they can decide which events to attend. Most importantly, you don’t want to miss out! FOMO is a bitch!

The guys at FA News have launched an insurance industry calendar that allows you to upload your events directly to the site. Obviously there’s a vetting procedure, but the upload process is really simple.

FA News’s Rianet Whitehead says the best thing about the calendar is that everyone in the industry is responsible for keeping it alive.

“The FA News calendar is a great spot for organisers and guests to find each other,” she says. “From an industry member’s perspective it means you’ll never miss an event again, while organisers have an additional communication stream to help fill more seats at their events. Everyone has a good reason to use it.”

One of the things we love about it is that it’s for the ENTIRE industry, even competitor publications. (Note the ad for the FIA Cover Summit in March.) Well done FA News for being ultra-inclusive.

Bookmark today – and don’t forget to get your events loaded ASAP!