aQuelle Midmar Mile with the unsinkable Craig Dietz

The Midmar Mile is known to be the world’s largest open water swimming event and is marked as an icon on the South African sporting calendar. Each year thousands of athletes (International, Olympic medallists, recreational swimmers, etc) from different parts of the world take part in this unique race.

This past weekend, on 11 and 12 February, the aQuelle Midmar took place at the Midmar Dam north of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal. The race was celebrating its 44th year running and it proved to be successful yet again. Entrants came in numbers, all determined to reach their goals

Among these great athletes was one extraordinary swimmer, Craig Dietz. Craig is a quadriplegic, who was born without limbs, but that does not begin to define who he really is. Craig is a husband to Adrienne Dietz, a licensed attorney and a motivational speaker. In his spare time he enjoys challenging himself physically – bowling, skiing, playing volleyball, hunting, fishing and the likes, but his biggest passion is swimming. Despite having no legs and arms, Craig has done the unbelievable in his life, which earned him the title of “the unsinkable Craig Dietz.”

He is an American open water swimmer and has accomplished the 7 km Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, 2.4 km “Escape from Alcatraz” and the aQuelle Midmar Mile, where he beat many able-bodied swimmers. Again this year, Craig competed in an 8 miles race at the aQuelle Midmar in order to raise funds for PinkDrive, a Breast Cancer educational and fundraising NGO.

Associates and friends of CN&CO, Noeleen Kotschan of PinkDrive, EasyEquities, The FIA, and hosts, The Sett all came together to organise an event for Craig to share his story in Umhlanga on Friday. Craig shared insights in his motivational talk about how he has defied the odds and achieved so much in his life. “Define your own potential, do not allow your circumstances and other people to define who you are.” said Craig.

These types of events and initiatives are an example of the partnerships we embrace at CN&CO: people and organisations that take it upon themselves to support good causes and make a difference.

“Craig is a normal, passionate, driven, intelligent, competitive person with a massive sense of humour, who just happens to have no arms or legs.” says Josie, partner at CN&CO. “He reminded us all that life is there to live how you choose to live it.”

Watch a video of this phenomenal athlete: