New Satrix ETFs get listed on the JSE

Satrix, South Africa’s leading index tracking provider of Exchange Trusted Funds (ETFs) and unit trusts, partner to our client EasyEquities, launched two new exciting ETFs at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) earlier today, 24 February 2017.

Satrix has a good track record and is reputable in the JSE listing. It has consistently delivered solid returns since being listed on the JSE and together with EasyEquities, was named #1 invest-tech firm and #1 fintech company in Africa in the 2016 Africa Fintech Awards.

The JSE was excited to list SATRIX ILBI (inflation-linked bonds) and property ETFs on the JSE listing, giving investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolio with the new SATRIX ETFs.

Helena Conradie, chief investment officer of SATRIX, was joined by colleagues and friends to count down to the opening of the markets, where she blew an African kudu horn to mark the official opening of trading day.

CN&CO is chuffed to have celebrated this milestone with SATRIX and EasyEquities. We look forward to the launch of more new and innovative index-tracking products in future.

It’s really easy to buy ETFs. Simply register for EasyEquities, log into your account, select Invest > ETFs. Easy.

If you’re already an EasyEquities user, click on these links to buy Satrix Property (STXPRO) or Satrix Inflation-Linked Bond (STXILB) ETFs. Remember, you can buy ETFs using your tax-free savings allowance.