Death to Boring – EasyEquities 101

If you are like me and prefer watching a short YouTube video of “How to” rather than reading through pages of boring text, then you will love the new set of short animated EasyEquities videos recently posted on its YouTube channel.

EasyEquities is an award-winning investment platform built by the Purple Group that gives all South Africans the opportunity to buy shares on the JSE and invest in the companies and brands they love.

If you haven’t started investing in the stock market yet but really want to, then you will need to start by opening a free EasyEquities account. I have put together a short list of videos that you can watch in order to guide you through your journey of opening an account right through to placing your first trade and managing your portfolio like a champion!

EasyEquities 101:

How to open an EasyEquities account

Opening an account with EasyEquities is quick and easy. Just a few steps and you can be investing in no time!

How to FICA your EasyEquities account

FICA stands for Financial Intelligence Centre Act. It was introduced in 2003 as part of the South African government’s fight to combat money laundering. As a financial services provider, EasyEquities has to comply with the act, which means we have to verify the identity of all our investors.

What should I invest in?

Funny enough, the answer to this question is relatively simple and often hiding under our noses. Every day of our lives we already invest in the brands and products we love, so why shouldn’t we start investing in their shares?

How to buy shares on EasyEquities

Buying shares on EasyEquities is quick, easy, cheap and fun. If you are new to EasyEquities, you can start practising on a demo account with demo money before you start investing on the live markets.

How to build a diversified investment portfolio

It’s always wise to spread your risk across several shares. Not too many, but not too few either. By diversifying, your investment portfolio will remain balanced.

Easy Peasy

So now you are all set up and invested in the stocks you love. Where to now? Well, now you can keep your finger on the pulse by following EasyEquities on social media. This way you will be sure to receive updates on market news, platform features and priceless research on opportunity stocks done by the EasyEquities research team.

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Jono Bruton