Thai Africa Restaurants ‘Dish of the Month’ – May

As we continue embarking on our journey through Asia , we asked the Thai Africa Restaurant managers from Orient, Wangthai, So Yum and Kong to give us a bite into what May’s most popular dishes have been…..


Vegan Tofu Skewers: Orient offers a dish for every palette. This particular dish is specially prepared for Vegans and Vegetarians – grilled skewers of tofu, vegetables and sweet potato with a spicy cumin and cardamon sauce.




Steamed Red Snapper: This dish is a perfect choice for fish fanatics – Steamed red snapper served on a bed of bok choy and topped with a Thai lemon, chili and peanut sauce.




Butter Fish Special: Recently added to Kong’s specials menu, this dish is definitely a must try – stir fried butterfish served with edamame and asparagus.



So Yum

Beef Chow Yum: This is a new dish on the So Yum menu – beef rolls stuffed with vegetables and served with BBQ sauce.  A wonderful warm dish for meat lovers.



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