Let’s help Blake get to Japan to represent SA in global litter drive

CN&CO’s Blake Dyason has been selected to represent South Africa as a 2017 Next Generation Trail Visionary – and he needs our help to get there.

Three years ago Blake started a movement called Love Our Trails, which focuses on educating trail users about what it means to care for our trails and environment. Together with a group of interested people and organisations, Blake regularly hosts clean-ups, gives talks and shares his thoughts wherever he finds a platform.

“The momentum has built up, with outdoor activities growing at a rapid pace,” he says. “I’ve now found myself working with international organisations, land owners and event organisers with the common goal of cleaning up our natural environment and ensuring our trails are sustainable, clean and safe for future generations.

“We all agree that trails give us so much, but without maintenance and awareness, our trails won’t be sustainable, safe or clean.”

Blake has been selected to join 16 Next Generation Trail Visionaries from 12 countries on a seven-day trail experience in Japan.

“This is an incredible opportunity to share experiences and learn from other countries and individuals,” he says. “Participating in this event will allow me to use the knowledge gained to improve South African trails on a sustainable basis.

“As part of my commitment I need to show I have community support, and need to raise 350 US dollars (just over R4 500) to help fund the production of a documentary that will be made about the initiative. The doccie will help us to share our experience and knowledge with trail communities around the world.”

Blake is calling on anyone who cares about the environment – “… and I’m sure that’s everyone!” – to help him reach his crowdsourcing target by 8 August 2017.

“Any support would be hugely appreciated. No amount is too small or to big.

“I can’t wait to share my experience with you!”

Click here to donate and learn more about the Next Generation Trail Visionary Expedition.

Here’s a short video of what Love our Trails is all about: