Beyond the River: 1million voices, 1million stories

Diversity is an important part of what CN&CO stands for and what our brand represents. We are passionate about telling stories, open dialogue and integrating people from different backgrounds, be it through business or organizations we work with. So when an opportunity presents itself for us to be involved, we dive head first!

Our friends at Heartlines are running an amazing initiative to drive their well reviewed film “Beyond the River” to a wider audience. The film exemplifies just what can happen when two people from different worlds come together and work towards a common goal, much like the work we do here at CN&CO. With clients like National Squad and RowSA, this initiative is close to home.  Below is a brief history of the initiative and how to get involved.

Beyond the River has been inspiring, challenging and touching lives around SA. After a successful run in cinemas and now on Box Office and DVD, we want the film to #GoBeyond even more.

To do that, Heartlines, the social change NGO behind the film, is launching our first crowdfunding campaign:

1 Million Voices. 1 Million Stories

Our audacious goal with this funding campaign is to share Beyond the River, and the national Heartlines initiative, What’s your Story? with 1 million people across SA! #1MillionStories

Beyond the River has sparked many conversations and shows what happens when two people from totally different backgrounds get to know each other’s stories. The film is a catalyst to the Heartlines initiative.

What’s your Story? is a national initiative that poses the question: “You might know my name, but do you know my story?”

It’s a movement to build unity in our country, through the sharing of our stories – and is taking SA by storm. When we get to know each other’s stories, stereotypes get broken down, understanding gets built – and trust is able to grow.

Our crowdfunding campaign “1 Million Voices. 1 Million Stories” will allow us to roll out Beyond the River and What’s your Story to even more schools, places of worship, workplaces, families and campuses across the country.

Help us tell #1MillionStories: Make your donation today!