IN THE SADDLE: ‘Everesting’ for charity

Joshua Nuttall, head of CRM at CN&CO client Purple Group, is crazy about cycling and helping people in need. In his regular column on our blog he talks about his cycling exploits and what goes on inside his head while he’s IN THE SADDLE.

Those of you who know me will have figured out by now that I like to ride a bicycle… a lot! In fact, there are some people who think I am crazy, and what I am about to share here will probably confirm this notion. It’s all about contributing to something bigger than myself, something that I know will make a difference – and I’ll have fun while doing it.

About 18 months ago I met a mate for a ride and was introduced to Kevin Benkenstein. Benky is well known in the cycling community, in part due to his awesome Instagram account where he shares the stories of his bicycle rides with quality photos. It’s worth a look so check it out.

Anyway, Benky and I have become good mates. We have shared a couple of great rides and so when he asked me if I was keen to attempt an “Everesting” this year during #climbingforqhubeka month (September) up in Jozi, I decided it was time to take up the challenge.

So what exactly does “Everesting” entail? Don’t worry I am not off to climb the world’s highest mountain, but I will cover the same vertical ascent (8 848m to be exact) as if I were climbing the mountain in one ride. Basically it entails going up and down the same hill, over and over, until you have cumulatively climbed 8 848 metres. If you’re interested, feel free to read more on the rules of Everesting.

You can also read about Benky’s 2016 triple Everest challenge in a post I wrote last year.

Buffalo bikes are built tough to cope with African terrain. The 2017 Climbing for Qhubeka initiative aims to raise enough money to buy 25 bicycles for 25 families in need. You can help by making a donation of any size

I have no doubt that this is going to be a crazy challenge and I look forward to what it has in store. The reason behind this act of craziness is because #bicycleschangelives and the work the Qhukeba team does is phenomenal! Basically they help to provide bicycles to people in need throughout Africa. And not just any bicycle, mind you. The Qhubeka Buffalo bike is designed to carry big loads on tough roads. I suggest you follow Team Qhubeka on Facebook.

Benky has set up a donation link, Climbing for Qhubeka 4: To one Rock and then up another, which he hopes will raise enough to purchase 25 bicycles to change the lives of 25 families. My Everesting ride, I hope, will contribute a small part to this total.

Stay tuned for more details, but here are the vital ones:

Date: Friday, 6 October 2017 (note new date!!)

Hill: Linksfield Ridge

Time: We kick off at midnight on Friday and will ride into Saturday until we have climbed 8 848m

Your visits, donations and company will be appreciated. Let’s make a difference together.

In case you missed the link earlier, you can


Have a power Friday!