The Insurance Apprentice helps shine the focus on great talent

The Insurance Apprentice is on the hunt for the Insurance Apprentice 2018. After 204 applications and an elimination round, we are one step closer to discovering who will be the next Apprentice.

CN&CO is – and always has been – a keen supporter and sponsor of the show, which helps to develop young insurers across the board. Also, it’s really fun to watch!

As always, only one candidate will walk away with the main prize: bragging rights, a R75 000 cash prize from INSETA, a bursary of R20 000 from Masifunde Training Centre and an exciting opportunity to attend the Insurance Conference at Sun City in July 2018, courtesy of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA).

Selecting this year’s shortlist was no easy task for the judging panel. In the end they arrived at 20 names, which was narrowed down to the top eight finalists by public vote.

Among the final eight is Joseph Mngenela, who started as a graduate working at Etana with some of the CN&CO team members many years ago. Joseph was introduced to Nic Hughes of Insurance Supermarket by our chief señor Carel, who has always highly rated Joseph. He has since grown into a leading insurance entrepreneur and now works as an operational manager at Insurance Supermarket.

“There are many great stories, such as Joseph’s, where mentorship has played a key role in a person’s life and career development,” says Carel. “We believe strongly in mentoring and growing talent – in insurance, but also at CN&CO.”

Another fine example of the importance of mentorship is the addition of three new graduates – Neo Matsei, Emiliana Adriano and Lorraine Lamola to the CN&CO family. All three have in the past year progressed in their individual roles and continue to add value to the company.

“In fact, the thing I am most proud of is the number of talented individuals – in the insurance industry and outside of it – who I have been lucky enough to mentor and assist in some capacity,” says Carel.

So important is the role of life and career guidance, in fact, that the Insurance Apprentice helps shine the focus on amazing talent and allow applicants to build networks and form lasting relationships, which is good for their careers and personal lives.

“This is a great and in depth way for young people to explore their careers,” says CN&CO grad Neo (who has been very involved in the Insurance Apprentice). “Since I joined CN&CO in 2016, the team has put me under their wing. Brand and strategy guru, Josie Dougall, has taken an official role as my mentor, playing an effective role in my personal and professional growth.

Carel concludes: “Mentoring is about supporting, challenging, guiding, influencing and learning, far more than it is about teaching and showing. The challenge then is to influence, rather than to tell and dictate. And, of course, you often learn and gain more yourself in the process!”