Add a little fashion to your summer wardrobe with Wölv and Dead Reckoning

In fashion, every new year and new season calls for a new look. What that ultimately means is an improved and upgraded wardrobe demonstrating the evolvement of fashion. Some of our favourite designers introduced some pretty, edgy, groundbreaking, inspiring—and totally wearable—looks that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

Whether you’re a Pinterest junkie, Instagram fanatic or Twitter addict, fashion trends were plastered all over the web and on every social media platform. Some of the most popular 2017 fashion trends included:

  1. The slogan tee – designers were all about smart, witty slogans and logos plastered on the front of their t-shirts in a far-from-subtle manner
  2. The new sport – oversized hoodies and fashionable active wear apparel made an appearance on all of the most famous runways
  3. One shoulder – the one shoulder look is back with a bang and is definitely the go-to style
  4. Iridescence – the unsung 90s trend of sequins, sheer and shine have definitely made a reappearance
  5. Vibrant stripes – the brighter and bolder, the better
  6. Pink passion – pink is definitely the new black, from the darkest to the lightest hues

For men:

  1. Retro sportswear – subdued colourways and activewear twists are of prime interest
  2. Neutrals – top-to-toe tonal with subtle shades of the neutral colour palette
  3. Refined athleisure – the perfect combination of sportswear with a smart casual twist – bomber jackets are here to stay
  4. Printed t-shirts – what’s better than a simple t-shirt with an edgy print?

Speaking of fashion trends, two of our partners, Dead Reckoning and Wölv, have taken over the fashion game, showcasing collections that are always on trend and delivering something new and exciting to the South African market.

Creative director Stefano Cavalieri in his Wölv essential t-shirt and distressed cap

Up and coming streetwear label Wölv is nearing the release of its third season, which will be launching November/December 2017 just in time for Christmas. The collection is inspired by the concept of not simply just surviving, but thriving and is entitled ‘Thrive”. Creative director Stefano Cavalieri is extremely passionate about his label, which is giving streetwear in South Africa a new look. Some of the most popular pieces include a nappa lambskin custom designed leather jacket that has been hand painted by Addai-Yaw Cocker, a young artistic designer. Yaw x Wölv will be showcasing their next collaboration as part of the new collection. Wölv is running a discount on all its past collections. Don’t miss out on this awesome offer, available on the Wölv website. Some of the 2017 summer trends are present in the Wölv collection so don’t forget to check it out and #leadthepack in support of a great young entrepreneur and an awesome brand.

Jono Bruton in his Dead Reckoning gear

Dead Reckoning, created by a very close friend and partner of CN&CO, Jono Bruton, is a stylish lifestyle brand. Coming up to December, most South Africans spend their summer holidays at the coast. The Dead Reckoning collection offers a broad range of merchandise ranging from bikinis, rash vests, shorts and t-shirts to costume throwovers – the perfect additions to any summer wardrobe.

“Dead Reckoning is so much more than a clothing brand. It is a lifestyle. A statement. A call to action,” says Jono. “It is that indescribable feeling in the pit of your stomach before you charge a wave, or set sail around the world, or pull out a beast from deep in the ocean, or do more reps then you ever thought possible at the gym.
It is the belief that no matter what shit goes down, everything will be alright. Alright because you have started to discover your place in the world. And in the crew you have come to trust.”

Look out for the upcoming Christmas sales and trust in the Dead Reck Crew to ensure that you will always remain at the top of your fashion game.

The saying goes, “never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.” With Dead Reckoning and Wölv in your wardrobe, you will be sure to stand out in any crowd.

To view more of their collections visit the Wölv and Dead Reckoning websites.