Europ Assistance’s Chritelle Colman talks steps to mitigate storm damage to vehicles and homes

As we have experienced, Gauteng weather can be quite unpredictable. We went from summer sun tan weather on Monday to almost monsoon heavy rainfall by Tuesday. This unexpected change in weather often means that people are caught off guard and therefore less prepared for the ramifications of heavy storms.

In her interview with FA News, Christelle Colman, CEO of our partner, Europ Assistance South Africa (EASA) advises Gauteng residence to conduct comprehensive maintenance checks on their vehicles as well as their homes ahead of the predicted Gauteng storm.

Colman warns that severe storms can cause enormous damage to houses and cars due to gale force winds, hail or flooding. “By being pro-active and conducting the necessary risk-management, Gauteng residents can lower their risk of damage to their homes and vehicles as a result of extreme weather”

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