Size DOES matter

Our new partner Sundays Insurance is filled with a bunch of seriously passionate people! Passionate about cycling, insurance and doing the best for their clients. We asked the Sundays team for some advice on fitting the right bike. Check it out and let us know what other advice you want from these legends – best in the business!

Size does matter

When replacing your bike, deciding on the right size is arguably more important than deciding to make the upgrade in the first place. A bike that doesn’t fit can cause massive discomfort and wreak havoc on the way your bike handles.

So how do you make sure not to make the wrong choice when getting your new bike?

A good starting point would be to get fitted on your original bike. This will give you the opportunity to find out how well your current bike fits you, and if there are any improvements or changes worth considering. This might seem like a pointless exercise (right!?). After all, you’re not getting a new bike with the intention of keeping the old one. But the exercise will determine if you’ve been set up correctly in the first place. Plus, the measurements you receive from this fitting will inform the decisions you make when looking at a new bike.

Is choosing a bike size based on my inseam length important?

This is a very traditionalist way of choosing a bike size and it’s not always 100% accurate. The inseam relates well to your leg lengths, which is important when estimating seat height, but does little to consider other important factors such as arm length, flexibility, and general use of the bike. It is therefore better to take a more holistic approach when choosing a frame size.

Many people sit between standard frame sizes. When this happens, consider what the general use of the bike is going to be. Would a smaller or larger size be better or worse for this?

Once you have settled on the right size and understand the reasons you have made your decisions, getting the bike fitted for you by an expert is almost as important as the upgrade itself. Taking your new bike in for a professional fitting is well worth the time and the expense. You won’t look back!