Satrix – the embodiment of “smart”

The team at Satrix is smart. No doubt about that. They know all about asset management, quants, investing, ETFs, institutional investment, beta – and terms many ordinary folk have never heard of.

But that’s not the (only) reason we love working with this iconic South African brand. Here are a few more:

  • They use their smarts to help all South Africans make the most of their investments, and have been doing so for nearly 20 years. It’s one thing to be smart, it’s another to realise that being smart gives you a responsibility to help others and to offer them the very best products, at the very best price, in a manner and via a channel that suits their needs. The Satrix team is on a mission to make access to financial products possible for all – and we are delighted to share in that journey
  • The leadership. Helena Conradie (that’s her on the left in the feature image above) and her team showcase what strength diversity can bring. A team that is diverse not only in gender, race and age but also life-experience, the leadership of Satrix is one of empowerment, meritocracy and win-win. You cannot help but to be inspired and to want to do more with and for them. If they weren’t so busy giving us all tools to grow our wealth, we’d want them to help run the Finance Ministry!
  • Their sponsorship of the iMadiba imitative. More details will be on our CN&CO channels in the near future, but during this centenary year of Mandela’s birth, this project is phenomenal.
  • Their innovation. Satrix was first in SA with ETFs (now there are plenty and billions have been spent buying them). Now, if you are first, and big (Satrix is the biggest and for our money will soon be the dominant player, by far) you can easily relax. But the Satrix team continues to push themselves to find the next product, next channel, next partnership, next way to do things better for consumers. So not just striving for more, but always striving for “better”.

Check out for all its products, sign up to its digimag (you can read the latest issue of OWN THE MARKET here) and join this feel-good, do-good, SA brand.