Calling all she-investors: come and hear how women are dominating the investment scene…

With July being Saving’s Month, and with Women’s Month just around the corner, it seems most apt that there’s a savings event coming up that’s aimed specifically at women. The JSE She Invests Arena, in association with Ndalo Media and EasyEquities, will be taking place at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton on 4 August 2018 from 9am to 3pm.

“Historically, certainly up to the last generation – and even in this one – men have handled the household finances,” says EasyEquities brand manager Carly Barnes. “Traditionally, simply as the result of societal norms, it’s the father or the husband who has made the financial decisions.

“However, women are becoming more and more empowered, and we are seeing many women as the main breadwinners in their households. Increasingly, women are making the decisions, and a lot of that has to be about investing. This is especially important if there are children in the picture. At EasyEquities we do a lot of education in this area, which we see as vital for societal upliftment.

Carly says coming from a place where women haven’t traditionally been part of the finance conversation around the dinner table, events such as the She Invests Arena are a great way to help women come to grips with the importance of prudent financial management, especially around investment.

“Studies have shown women tend to have better investment behaviour than men because they’re more cautious and want to know more about what they are investing in,” she says. “Women see investment holistically. We ask ourselves why we’re putting money away each month and what the end goal is.

“Generally speaking, men are more likely to be rash when making investment decisions, which sometimes does their portfolios more harm than good!”

So if you’re a woman with an eye on your financial future (or even an enlightened man looking to see where you’re going wrong), buy your ticket today to the She Invests Arena. There’s an amazing line-up of speakers who will share their tips and stories, as well as awesome treats and prizes.

Tickets cost R100 and space is limited.

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