Lombard Partnerships – The right kind of people

For a quarter of a century Lombard Insurance has been a specialist insurance company.

Lombard Partnerships, formed in 2007, with Consort Technical Underwriters, has grown to include 10 partners, each a specialist in their own field of the insurance sector.

Lombard Partnerships philosophy is about partnering with and backing the right people for the long term – a belief that better businesses are created by independently-minded risk takers and a knowledge that their clients and brokers are best served by focused, highly skilled specialist operations.

They’re about taking considered risks to grow with their Partner businesses – particularly in the broker-distributed commercial and corporate markets in the short-term insurance industry.

Working with these experts in their target markets, their complementary skills and resources create a platform for well-run, specialist insurance businesses that best serve a client’s needs.

Chatting with Gail Carver, a director at Commercial Crime Concepts, a partner of Lombard since 2012, had this to say. “We decided to join Lombard Partnerships as we felt it is a company with the same type of personalities and core values. We wanted a partner that does things the same way as we do. Ultimately it benefits the brokers and the insured person”

At CN&CO, we also only work with like minded people and companies and are proud to call Lombard a partner of ours.