Love Justice Coffee: The perfect end of year gift

‘Tis the season for Christmas gifts, end of year functions and festive season celebrations.

In saying so, choosing an end of year gift, whether it being for your clients, colleagues, friends or family can be quite a daunting task to say the least. We’re certain that the hunt for the perfect year-end gift has commenced and we thought we’d help out by telling you what we think may just be the perfect end of year thank you: COFFEE.

Not just any coffee, Love Justice Coffee.

A bit more about Love Justice Coffee

The Love Justice coffee blend has been delicately roasted leaving you with smooth aromas and an unforgettable taste. This top quality, specialty coffee is 100% Arabica and it is undeniably one of the best coffee flavours you will ever taste. 

Unfortunately the coffee industry is rife with exploitation, with growers being underpaid and mistreated. Love Justice is determined to be a part of the change.

In South Africa, Love Justice has intercepted over 400 incidents in just over two years. That’s 400 lives of people who have families and friends who deeply love and care for them. Imagine that was you. Imagine that was your friend, your sister, your mother, your cousin….just imagine. 

As you enjoy the delicious flavours of these special beans, remember that you are supporting the incredible work of Love Justice. You are contributing towards the freedom of so many people. You are joining the fight against human trafficking!

As the end of the year is fast approaching, contribute towards these precious lives and purchase this special coffee as a gift for your clients. This way you are blessing them with a gift that speaks a thousand words, which is no ordinary gift.

Our coffee story:

Coffee has an amazing way of creating stories and connecting people. If these beans could talk they would tell tales of the families who have tended and cared for their crop in the hills of Burundi, the men who travelled miles into those mountains to find the highest quality, ethically sourced beans and their thousand mile journey to sunny South Africa. They would marvel at the special care our roaster took to bring out the best of their flavours and aromas. And now, as they continue their journey to you, they look forward to the new stories they will have to tell as you relax and enjoy the beauty they have to offer.

But these beans have another story to tell; how they connected you, the free, with those who are vulnerable. The strong with those who are weak. And how they fought the greatest injustice of all time; human trafficking. Changing stories of despair and hopelessness before they were written, into ones of hope, life and freedom.

You are now a part of that story and we thank you!

The process is simple. Visit Love Justice Coffee, place your order online, which will be delivered directly to your door.

Do more than just spoil those around you this festive season – Love people, fight for Justice and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee. After all, it’s always coffee o’clock.

From the very wise words of Nanen Hoffman, “Remember, you may not be able to choose your struggles, but you can choose your coffee.”