What’s happening at 44 Stanley?

If you are yet to explore the stores and restaurants at 44 Stanley in Milpark, Johannesburg, do yourself a favour and head on down to this amazing space. It has a truly authentic Johannesburg vibe that can be enjoyed while eating, drinking, shopping and even working from one the coffee shops. The owners describe it as “a mixed-use development that fuses downtown urbanism with a subtle sophistication.”

Trip advisor cites 44 Stanley as “a great alternative to the massive shopping malls and shopping centres of Johannesburg”. While I definitely agree with this, the space provides a unique and infectious energy… something that needs to be experienced.

So, who’s new in the precinct?

Whether you’re a newly married couple decorating a home, a student moving into a first apartment, someone looking to redecorate a home or office space, you NEED to visit Airloom. Choose from a range of quality Luxury Vinyl, laminate flooring, rugs and décor – all made in the outskirts of Cape Town. You’re sure to find something that feels like home.

Also new at 44 are Missibaba, Alexandra Hojer Atelier and Moonbasket. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury leather handbag, Missibaba is the place to go. Perhaps the limited-edition garments of Alexandra Hojer will reel you in with its sense of modern nostalgia and Swedish design. Take a moment to appreciate the work of Moonbasket’s seven crocheters from Khayelitsha. From pendant lights to bowls, the use of natural and local materials is used as much as possible. Find these newbies in Colony Design until 10 March.

44 Stanley has answered your wishes with another Market on Main Pop-Up, happening on 5 April. The nighttime market is a must-do! Market on Main is Johannesburg’s leading food and design market expressing an inner-city lifestyle in a relaxed and creative space.

By now you should’ve heard about the inimitable evening dresses and transitional pieces of Black Coffee. The South African designer merges African motifs with modern flare creating a unique style found nowhere else! Also showing the love for their home space is Love Jozi, a South African t-shirt and design company. Love Jozi’s graphics are inspired by the gritty yet slick feel to the Jozi landscape. Both can be found in their new spot opposite to Guillotine.

Talking about the beautiful views of Johannesburg, Easy Equities is in the block right across the road! After investing with South Africa’s best low-cost investment platform, why not take time to explore the wonders of 44 Stanley and surrounding stores and bars that are sure to tickle your fancy!

Jozi sure is a breathtaking city. There’s so much to explore! Joburgers should never be bored – and at 44 Stanley, you definitely won’t be.