The Ink Link: Danilo Biccari

The Ink Link is an ongoing project at CN&CO that showcases tattoos in the workplace. One of the great things about a tattoo is it goes against the commonly-held viewpoint that “what you see is what you get”. There’s a misguided belief in certain quarters that in order to be a working professional, it is categorically impossible to have a tattoo… because how can someone with a tattoo be a professional? We are putting paid to that perception through the stories showcased in the Ink Link. This month we feature Danilo Biccari, an engineer turned traveller turned barber.

There is nothing quite like having two Italian families next door to each other in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Plettenberg Bay. The Cavalieri’s and the Biccari’s have spent their Decembers making memories that will last a lifetime. New year’s eve 2018/2019 is definitely one to remember. It really was a big fat Italian New Years with the two families counting down, drinking champagne and eating dessert. The first 2019 topic of conversation between myself and Danilo was of course, tattoos. Here is what Danilo had to say!

C: Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

D: I’m a 30 year old engineer turned traveller turned barber. Open mind, free spirit, gentle soul.

C: How many tattoos do you currently have? 

D: 5

C: Have your tattoos ever compromised your career in any way?

D: No

C: Can you tell me about how your tattoo journey began?

D: I got my first when I was 25. I had wanted one for a while, but was not quite sure what to get. One day, after looking hard, I found a quote that resonated with me – one that I didn’t see myself ever disagree with the sentiment of. That was that.

C: How do your tattoos speak to your lifestyle/work/personal brand?

D: I suppose they display a level of mild rebelliousness, which in a way is what I have done with my career. But they’re semi-rebellious only because of current societal norms – which actually seem to be changing pretty quickly.

C: How do you choose the themes for your tattoos, if there are any?

D: There isn’t really a theme to my choices. I do however feel that they either represent facets of my values, values that I aspire to, or symbols of my life’s story so far. That’s probably the theme or modus operandi that will continue to guide my tattoo decisions going forward.

C: Is there any tattoo that you regret getting?

D: Negative.

C: What is your favourite tattoo so far?

D: Can’t say, they’re all my babies.

C: I know this is normally a secret, but do you have any upcoming tattoos planned and if so, what are they?

D: Indeed. I’m not 100% sure yet, but at the moment I’m considering the somewhat cliché yin-yang Taoist symbol. It has a particular interpretation (there are many) that I think is important and useful to remind yourself of –  the never-ending possibility of transformation. Stay humble and grateful, things can change. Find the lesson and potential in every misfortune, things can change.

“Just when things seem secure, the unknown can loom, unexpectedly and large. Conversely, just when everything seems lost, new order can emerge from the chaos.” – Jordan Peterson