Talent and teamwork shines at the 2019 #GirlCodeHack

To celebrate Women’s month 2019, this past weekend (3-4 August 2019) saw the 6th annual GirlCode Hackathon take place in Cape Town (Workshop 17) and Pretoria (The Innovation Hub).

Our partner Innosys were one of the sponsors who support and are behind this incredible initiative that focuses on raising the profile of female technical talent and develop the future of South African women-in-tech.

What is the #GirlCodeHack?

Fun fact: Did you know the first computer programmer was a woman named Ada Lovelace?

The #GirlCodeHack offers women software developers the opportunity to take place in 30 hours of non-stop programming. The level of developers that can enter are unemployed female graduates, university/college students or interns/juniors in a company.

Image courtesy of GirlCode

The initiative was founded to create awareness and start a community. It has been a successful event over the years and helps focus resources on the importance of teaching.

The participants work collaboratively (in teams of two to four people) to create a website, game, or mobile app that addresses a selected real world challenge.

Claire Woods (MD, Innosys) shares. “Our industry desperately needs caring, engaged women to be mentors and role models. Kudos to all who participate and take on that challenge at the #GirlCodeHack. No man is an island. No woman either. Great things happen in teams!”

The 2019 challenge

This 2019 theme required the participants to develop a solution that talks to technology as an enabler to tackle the UN Sustainability goals.

Photo courtesy of GirlCode

The theme, along with the participants, speakers and mentors delivered another eventful weekend and event. There were many lessons, a lot of perseverance, hard work, creative thinking and passionate attitudes from all involved.

“A massive congratulations to all of the winners, participants and mentors!” – Claire Wood (Innosys)

The 2019 participants of the #GirlCodeHack.
Image courtesy of GirlCode
GirlCodeHack winners 2019
Winners of the #GirlCodeHack 2019. Image courtesy of GirlCode

To find out more about the event and the brilliant work done by GirlCode (a nonprofit organisation that provides training opportunities for girls interested in learning software development) follow them here on Twitter or via their blog.

(Feature image courtesy of GirlCode)

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