The RMB National Squad back in the Mountains Kingdom.

When we think Lesotho we think of an adventurers playground, mountains, rivers and the Maletsune Falls.

For the RMB National Squad Lesotho is all about training, isolated from the world, no distraction, just 3 weeks of intense training at high altitude.

Earlier this year the National Squad to call off the training camp as majority of the team got sick at camp due to the water quality, since then Ebenezer Dam in Limpopo Province became the new home for training camp but Lesotho is where the magic is.
Roger Barrow head coach is determined to keep training camps in Lesotho, currently the Katse Dam is sitting at 7% due to drought, making it challenging to get boats into the water. Roger Barrows and the support team have put measures in place to ensure the team have clean water and prevent anyone from getting sick.

Interesting fact about the Katse Dam: is the highest dam in Africa, and made it into the world’s top ten largest concrete arch dams in terms of volume.

In less than 8 months the Tokyo 2020 Olympics kick off. The RMB National Squad currently have 1 boat qualified and the pressure is on to qualify more boats in Lucerne in May 2020.

These training camps are only made possible because of our partners, Thank you Rand Merchant Bank for believing in South African Rowing, seeing the talent and investing in it.

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