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Talking bubbles, not blowing them

Some may say that this crazy, difficult time in the world’s history, is no time to talk about champagne and sparkling wine – especially since we are in lockdown level 4 where nobody can buy alcohol (I wonder how people who read this blog in years to come will shake their heads at that stipulation!)

But talking to Paul and Berna Gerber from Colmant is not just talking about the sparkling wine Paul makes with Colmant ower Jean-Phillipe Colmant, it’s actually learning from two inspirational, smart, passionate, fun and funny people I rate and respect highly. And as my mate Rikus says – “Ag man, hulle is so cute!”

Our little chat is a bit in English and a bit in Afrikaans. It is not professionally done – although I did call in the help of Rikus and his editing skills to make it at least watchable (he cut out everything he said was boring!) I wanted this chat to be authentic – like the Gerbers and the sparkling wine Paul produces.

My aim with this chat is really to explore some of the wonders of sparkling wine. While Paul is a maths and chemistry nerd (read genius) who makes wines – and Berna for all her pretence of “just” drinking the good stuff is as smart – my interest in sparkling wine is the stories.

I LOVE the history of how Veuve Clicquot started. I am in awe of producers who have a few rows of vines in the Champagne region and, generation upon generation, make magnificent champagne. I am excited by the sparkling wine producers in Paarl, Prieska and Stellenbsoch. I can’t get enough of hearing these phenomenal people talk about their craft and the birth of the Bubble.

Making anything by hand takes time. And maybe corona has forced us to again appreciate the value of time. And how little we have of it (check this blog by my mate Rob, which reminds us – visually – how few days we have left on earth!)

So, join me for a few minutes as I learn why 2020 will also be remembered for great vintages of Cap Classique, not just a virus that changed the world.

To Paul and Berna, Nick and Gaye Davies of Morena, Derek of Great Domaines and so many other mates in the wine industry – thank you for helping me make memories. Good luck as you navigate the future and to the Gerbers. I hope to toast your son Jean on his 21st birthday. Looking back at this time with pride at what we learnt. Carpe Diem!

Traditions remind us of our heritage and can fortify us for the journey ahead. #29Feb this year we had a special lunch…

Posted by Colmant Cap Classique & Champagne on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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