Stories from the spaces that surround us

Over the last few weeks the world around us has changed, we are spending a large amount of time in and with our immediate surroundings. Digital interfacing platforms – Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meets and others – have played a pivotal part in helping us stay connected with those around us through allowing us to connect virtually.

Being a lifestyle business, the CN&CO associates are accustomed to working in environments wherever there is a decent WIFI connection. Personally, I enjoy the energy that you get from working in different spaces and the creative thinking that can be stimulated from moving about. Working from a variety of spaces provides you with the opportunity to meet people and learn from their experiences.

Every space carries a story and with many of us working from home, I decided to reach out to the CN&CO team. We are fortunate to have the spaces that we do…

Kurt was out in the garden today for a change of scene, enjoying the warm winter mornings in Johannesburg.

Kurt working at home

Gianluca has taken up the whole dining room table with his work station… “ready to launch” he says.

Gianluca working at home

Francois had moved his extra screen to the dining room table and was finishing up some design work.

Francois working at home

Llewellyn had migrated to the couch (the beauty of working on a laptop).

Llewellyn working at home

Blake has set up a work station that he moves around his apartment to gain different perspectives each day.

Blake working at home

Rikus was on his balcony at home. Catching some fresh air and editing videos.

Rikus working at home

Carel was in his library and now fully kitted our home office. The picture on left is of his grandfather, a farmer – the only fancy pic he ever posed for.

Carel working at home

The large desk in the centre of the room is for hosting Easy WTF and InsureTalks, along with other zoom sessions. The table belonged to Carel’s parents’, an old dining room table, mixing old and new.

Carel working at home and his library

Colin was sharing his home office with Gregory – a wide expanse, that allows our word nerd to work his magic.

Colin working at home

And I was operating from my Standing Desk (a new edition to my WFH environment). It’s made by a local company based in Cape Town, Desk Stand. Supporting local businesses is empowering and their service was outstanding.

Josh's standing desk

All our spaces are unique, each of them carrying a story. People, spaces, and experiences are some of the most valuable pieces of our journey through life. If you are able to, try to create a separate work space for your Work From Home office. While we might not be able to travel for the next little while we can travel through reading, entering into a different world through the words of the author. You will be surprised by the stories that are contained in your immediate space…

You may enjoy reading through the latest blogs in our regular series. These blog series feed into our inquisitive nature at CN&CO. They are a way to pay it forward and form part of CN&CO’s belief that the world can be a better place – and we all have a responsibility to make it so.

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