Get your Jozi Film Festival tickets now!

With just two days to go until the opening of the Jozi Film Festival, there’s no time like now to buy your all-access pass to watch more than 30 films from the comfort of your home this weekend. Your pass will cost just $7 (less than R120). Tickets are also available for screenings at The Bioscope. But hurry… there are already a few shows that are sold out!

Here are some of the films to look out for:

A New Country

Sifiso Khanyile’s latest documentary, A New Country, is a well-balanced and nuanced conversation about the failed promise of the “rainbow nation”. It also reminds us of our responsibility as citizens to be part of the process of carving ourselves the new identity so many of us long for. This film is thought provoking and 100% relevant in this turbulent point in our history.

Opus – *South African premiere*

Set in the buzzing city of Johannesburg, Opus follows a day in the life of Lebo, a young aspiring bassist living in the informal settlements. After losing his parents and inheriting the double bass instrument, Lebo has developed a symbiotic relationship with his double bass and his music, which have made him an outsider in the community, but have become his anchor for getting him through his poverty-stricken life and the harsh city landscape. 


Two slightly soiled sale toys sit in an airport shop, unwanted and out of sight because they are no longer in pristine condition. Each day they hope that today will be the day they get taken home with a loving child… until one day they stop waiting and escape the airport in someone’s luggage. The adventure then begins.

It’s a story laden with metaphor about prejudice in society, as well as a statement about the mass manufactured generic things we all desire. It is told in the most charming and delightful way and will bring a smile to the whole family.

Samos – The Faces of our Border – *African premiere*

At the borders of the Schengen Area, international laws and conventions have forced thousands of migrants into inhuman camps. One of them is the “hotspot” of Samos, on the island of the same name. 

Focusing on the people in and around this migrant camp, built for 600 persons but where more that 6 000 now live, it also gives insight into the European politics that have led to this catastrophic situation.

This is not inspired by a true story. These are true stories. 



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