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The Company We Keep – lessons from 2020

The Company We Keep series profiles some of the most interesting and inspiring people in our networks. We met the inspirational Nutreats duo when our Carel Nolte was training for his very first Comrades Marathon. Since then we have watched the Nutreats brand and site grow from strength to strength.

As 2020 draws to a close people are spending time reflecting on the year that has been and some of the lessons that have been learnt. The Nutreats duo reached out to us as they were putting some of their own lessons together.

Feeling reflective, Zissy reached out to a handful of people and asked them to share the best lesson 2020 taught them. Lessons that resonated with a year that has felt like the longest shortest craziest year. 

In November Comedian Robyn Schall shared her 2020 resolutions she had made in January, before lockdown, Covid and social distancing were part of our vocabulary“Excuse my looks. I’m just, you know, hitting rock bottom” she begins the video; as she pours herself a glass of wine and rattles off her goals list. That listed included make more money (she lost her job), travel more, be more social and cry less. Hindsight is as they say 2020.

Here are the lessons our Carel and Joshua shared.

Carel Nolte

“My best lesson this year is that perspective is vital. Life has many, many ups and downs. Life is unpredictable. When tragedy and tough times hit, we must keep perspective, put one foot in front of the other, use the love of family and friends and know that tomorrow the sun will rise again. And when good times abound, we must also keep perspective and know that a lot of what we have is luck and often fleeting. So, live for today, Carpe Diem and be kind to yourself and others. And always know that to whom much is given, much is expected. Make your contribution.”

Josh Nuttall

“This year I have learnt a lot. One might initially think, how is that possible? We were confined to our immediate surroundings for over half the year. Well, the answer is that this time gave me some space to reflect on some of the decisions that I had made and evaluate how I had been making them. One of my biggest learnings during 2020 came in the form of a recognition that small pieces of change, while they might not initially amount to much, over time they are far better than no action or change at all. The conversations we have and the more we spread the narrative of change the better. I will remember 2020 for many things, both the good and the challenging, but primarily as a year that forced us to remember how connected we truly all are as humans.”

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