TED Circles with CN&CO 2020

TED Circles hosted by CN&CO is back in action – find out more here!

We visit TED.com regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh or get inspired. It’s become a popular past time and we, along with our associates and friends, value the thinking that the TED platform brings to the world. The TED Tuesday series is one of our longest running blogs, here’s the latest one.

In March 2020, which feels like an age ago, we hosted our first TED Circles get together.

Our very first TED Circle

It was a Friday afternoon and here in South Africa we had just had our first full day of lockdown level 5 to help combat Covid 19. Speaking from a personal perspective, the conversations and learning from the discussions we had during the circles over the last year helped me to deal with some of the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at us.

TED Circles is an open platform of small groups that meet for conversations about ideas.

It is hosted by volunteers, of which CN&CO is one. These weekly or monthly gatherings empower us to dream and debate. Each TED Circle is unique and all are virtually connected through the TED Circles platform, making it possible for local conversations to reach a global scale.

Having enjoyed the dialogues and the company in 2020, we will be continuing TED Circles hosted by CN&CO this year and have done a bit of forward planning and reserved the last Thursday of each month from 4 to 5pm SAST.

Here are the dates for the remainder of 2021 (4 to 5pm SAST). Tune in from the comfort of your own home for an hour during which time we will watch a short TED Talk and engage in conversation with one another to help make the world a better place.

February 25, 2021 – 4 to 5pm SAST
March 25, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
April 29, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
May 27, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
June 24, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
July 29, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
August 26, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
September 23, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
October 28, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST
November 25, 2021- 4 to 5pm SAST

Book your spot HERE.

This month we will share a TED Circles chat on Thursday the 28th of January – a short video with a TED Talk recommendation and a few thoughts on the space this initiative has created.

TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations. Over the last few years, each week on a Tuesday a member from the team has picked a TED Talk and published it. Our TED Talk Tuesdays allow the CN&CO team to play their part on spreading ideas and helping to make the world a better place. Check out a few of the other TED Talk Tuesday picks HERE.

When CN&CO started in 2015, every few months we would get a group of people together at our HQ in Illovo for a ConFab session: an evening of wine, insights and networking – not necessarily in that order. TED Circles hosted by CN&CO has helped us to continue and reimagine this idea. Thank you to everyone who has supported and connected with us, we look forward to more collective discussions over the coming year.

Explore the blogs HERE that recapped our 2020 TED Circles hosted by CN&CO.