What do running, ERP and friends have in common? More than you realise!

By Stella Carter

Life is about connections – joining the dots and building relationships.

I was recently on a casual run with a friend who manages the operations for her family printing business, Zippy Labels. She was telling me how they do a lot of their data entries manually – from invoicing to stock management and control – and how this leaves massive room for errors and inaccuracies.

We spoke about the systems they currently use, and how none of them really talk to each other.  I suggested that what she may need is an ERP solution.

Now, I am no ERP specialist, but I have sat in enough meetings with my client epic ERP, to have a general grasp of what an ERP solution can do and the positive impact it can have on a business – no matter the size.

I reached out to the team at epic ERP and shared my friend’s details – and left them to do the rest.

What an eye-opening experience for the team at Zippy! An ERP was exactly what they needed to improve their current operations, management and control of stock and overall visibility – but it also opened them up to much more accurate data around their business. Zippy’s new ERP system will allow the management team to better understand where their profitability and bleed sit in the business – what the make-up of the ideal customer is, and where the opportunities lie. This is information they would not have had access to had they not explored the ERP route.

Just like with CN&CO – you don’t have exposure to just the person working with you/your brand/product – you have exposure to the whole network. Which is value beyond measure. This is also the case with epic ERP – they are committed to implementing an ERP solution that works for your business’ needs, as well as exposing you to their broader client network to nurture relationships and opportunities.

Since joining the CN&CO team I’ve realised that being part of the network not only provides access to our marketing, events, digital and PR services, but also to the rest of our network. This is where the value-add lies. In understanding your business from a culture, need and product offering perspective, we’re able to find links to other businesses that you match with! It’s in the connection and the bigger picture thinking that the opportunities lie – and it can all start with a casual run and a conversation..

Lets start a conversation: stella@cnandco.com

Stella is a marketing all-rounder. Her strengths lie in big-picture thinking and bringing it all together. She likes to work and train hard and will not shy away from a challenge. She is also Greek, so #winning!