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Everyone on the CN&CO team has a bit tucked away in property, thanks to EasyProperties’ fantastic fractional ownership offering. Right now there are options in Joburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Stellenbosch and Knysna, which means you can choose to invest in the city, on the coast or in the dorp.

The latest listing is in the heart of Cape Town’s historic Bo-Kaap.

Forty On L by BLOK is not just a building. It’s a testament to the vibrant tapestry of culture and history that defines this iconic neighbourhood. Completed in 2019, this development offers a unique blend of modern luxury and a commitment to preserving Bo-Kaap’s rich heritage.

Bo-Kaap stands as a living museum, boasting the highest concentration of pre-1850 buildings in South Africa. Recognising the need to protect this cultural treasure, efforts are under way to secure Unesco World Heritage Site status for Bo-Kaap. In this context, Forty On L’s design pays homage to the Bo-Kaap’s architectural legacy, featuring elements that echo the area’s iconic colourful houses and cobblestone streets. The development’s aesthetic seamlessly integrates with the surrounding neighbourhood, ensuring that it complements rather than overshadows the area’s unique character.

Perched on Signal Hill, Forty On L provides panoramic views of the ocean, the mountain and the City Bowl. BLOK’s dedication to designing a structure that pays homage to its environment is evident, and international tourists have taken notice. The property has become a favoured destination, offering a comfortable and culturally rich experience.

Bo-Kaap’s history is a vibrant tale of transformation. From the sombre days of apartheid, where the area was a drab reflection of oppression, to the explosion of bright colours post-apartheid, the community celebrated the dawn of a new era. The rainbow hues adorning the houses echo the spirit of democracy and bear a striking resemblance to the democratisation that EasyProperties brings to property investments. It’s a beautiful, full-circle narrative where history, freedom, and modernity intertwine.

BLOK’s vision for Forty On L extends beyond its architectural excellence. The development embodies a commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity, catering to a broad range of residents and aligning with the community’s needs. Forty On L pioneers an inclusionary housing model, ensuring that this vibrant neighbourhood remains accessible to all.

Cape Town’s real estate market has consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth. The city’s allure as a global business hub, a haven for professionals from various industries, and a popular tourist destination has fuelled a steady demand for high-quality housing.

For discerning investors, Forty On L presents an enticing opportunity to capitalise on Cape Town’s thriving property market. The scarcity of prime land in the Bo-Kaap, coupled with the growing demand for modern living spaces, makes Forty On L an investment with immense potential.

Seize the opportunity to become part of Cape Town’s thriving property landscape by investing in Forty On L. Embrace the meeting of history and modernity, and experience the boundless investment potential that awaits. Forty On L is more than just a development; it’s a gateway to a vibrant and culturally rich lifestyle.

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