Clyde & Co. releases Insurance Growth Report 2024

Our good friend and erstwhile CN&CO deputy chair, Lee Astfalck, is a formidable lawyer doing great work at Clyde & Co. in the insurance sector. Each year Clyde & Co. releases a report that highlights the growth in the insurance industry, sharing trends and making predictions for the year ahead.

The 2024 report, which was released recently, examines M&A trends in 2023 and suggests a number of growth drivers to watch in 2024 and beyond.

Source: Clyde & Co. Insurance Growth Report 2024

A major factor to consider when making decisions is the ongoing conflict in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. According to the report, “… geopolitical uncertainty may persuade insurance businesses to either pull back from lines of business and/or territories impacted by conflict, or to rein in expansion plans.

“That said,” the report continues, “the insurance sector is adept at finding opportunity amid uncertainty, and the growth outlook is more optimistic overall this year, with hotspots in certain product lines, geographies and distribution channels.

“However, this is a market with a lot of moving parts and insurers must be able to negotiate a complex environment in order to create growth and deliver returns for shareholders.”

Download the Clyde & Co. Insurance Growth Report 2024