CN&CO: Investing in people, businesses… and the stock market

CN&CO is all about investment – in people, in brands and in innovation, to name but a few. Recently we also started getting involved in investing on the stock exchange through our association with EasyEquities.

“I was never really interested in the stock exchange until we started working with EasyEquities at the beginning of the year,” says CN&CO’s Colin Ford. “Buying shares seemed like the preserve of the wealthy and hyper-competitive. But since I started playing on the EasyEquities platform, I’ve discovered a whole level of fun that I never thought existed.”

Unlike “traditional” investment platforms there’s no monthly charge and no huge broker fee and no minimum investment.

“The other day I had R28 in my investment account. Instead of leaving it there to gather dust, I used it to buy some shares. So now it’s working for me.”

EasyEquities is part of the Purple Group, along with Emperor Asset Management, GT247.COM and GT Private Broking.

“We like these guys because they’re clever and brave and innovative,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “They do great work, think differently, win awards and make it easy for anyone – even a word nerd like Colin – to invest and get excited about the stock market.”

If you’re not already investing via EasyEquities, go and check it out. This is not only an investment in your financial future, but also in the economic development of our country. Plus it’s probably the most fun you can have with R28.

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