A successful and innovative 2015 SAUMA Golf Day

 We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the insurance industry rocks! Over the years we’ve made some incredible contacts across the board. In fact, it’s no secret that some of our best friends are underwriting managers.

Which is why we were really proud and delighted to have been a part of and played some (good) golf with some (extraordinary) people the 2015 SAUMA Golf Day yesterday at Houghton Country Club. Kurt Solomon and Gianluca Tucci flew the CN&CO flag and played in four-balls with some of our partners.

One of the Fulcrum four balls, including, Geoff Knights, Guy Phillips (Fulcrum), Greg Scott (Mutal & Federal) and CN&CO's, Kurt Solomon

One of the Fulcrum four-balls which included, Kurt Solomon (CN&CO), Geoff Knights, Guy Phillips (Fulcrum), and Greg Scott (Mutual & Federal).

The SAUMA team together with their sponsors on the day including Genasys, Centriq and AA Fleetcare put together an innovative and entertaining day which set the tone for great golf, interesting competitions and most importantly the opportunity to network. 

One of the highlights of the day, was the scoring system used with the SAUMA team organising the guys at Score Capture to provide a live scoring device to each four ball to keep everyone on their toes throughout the day with a live leaderboard. This lead to an exciting prize giving and dinner which saw the Fulcrum and CN&CO four-balls finish in the top five places.

“It was great to have been part of this golf day with the CN&CO team and some of our partners (Fulcrum and King Price Insurance). A massive congratulations to the SAUMA team and all the sponsors for putting it together so well,” says Gianluca.

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