Carel to receive Comrades Fellowship award

Today our “chief señor” Big Boss, and mostly very devoted friend Carel Nolte flies to Pietermartizburg to receive the Comrades Marathon Fellowship award for 2015. This accolade is conferred every so often to an individual who embodies the true “spirit of the Comrades Marathon”.

So while running a number of businesses, chairing a few boards and drinking litres of champagne every week, Carel still found the time and energy to train for and run this year’s marathon while raising more than R100 000 for charity in the process.

Carel never ceases to amaze those of us who work alongside him. Thank you for the way you contribute to our amazing country and for putting yourself second in everything that you do.

Have fun tonight with your fellow superior athletes! Show them how to jol properly, and enjoy this much-deserved moment of praise from the Comrades Marathon community.

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